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Handmade In Switzerland
I do it for the art. For the passion, the patience, and the precision that goes into every handmade watch. Into every screw, every cog and every hand that I design, make, polish, and place by hand. Soberly Onyx is not just a watch. It’s a labour of love.


Raul Pagès
Master Watchmaker

Ever since I was a young boy I have been fascinated by craftsmanship. By the skill, the knowledge, the patience and the tradition that goes into certain trades.

As I grew older, I also found myself attracted to aesthetics. Not just how something was made, but how it looked, how it felt, the design and thought that went into to making certain products.

When I was around 15 years old, one of my brother’s friends - who was five years my senior - invited me to join a course on watchmaking. I promptly agreed and quickly found myself utterly enamoured with the art of watchmaking.


A look into the creation of Soberly Onyx


Handmade in Switzerland in a limited edition of ten pieces

Cased in 18k white gold, this timepiece possesses a handmade in house movement based on a Cyma calibre, with an exceptional standard of decoration on all parts of the movement.

The black onyx dial with refined 18k white gold indexes gives a graphical, elegant look to the timepiece, and the black frosted finish of the main plate contrasts beautifully with the hand polished angles, combining tradition with modernity.

With this hand-wound watch, Pagès evokes the concept and style of a quintessential gentleman.

His philosophy and values derive from the elegance of historical timepieces, combined with a classic contemporary style and the perfect balance of proportion.

With this creation, Pagès seeks to recall the roots of watchmaking heritage utilising traditional watchmaking methods and tools, resulting in a unique timepiece encompassing the skill and mastery of watchmaking in its purest form.

The Automaton Tortoise


Rue Pierre Seitz 10, CH - 2416 Les Brenets

+41 32 913 16 34


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