Régulateur à détente RP1

The Pagès Régulateur à détente: technicality, quality and tradition

As a true master craftsman, Raúl Pagès has entirely conceived, designed and produced the Régulateur à détente RP1 with his own hands in his workshop in Les Brenets (Switzerland). This exceptional timepiece meets the most demanding criteria of traditional fine watchmaking and handcrafting.

Equipped with a brand new calibre fitted with a pivoted detent escapement, the Régulateur à détente RP1 is in line with the tradition of exceptional chronometers. The great precision of the movement is matched by the choice of display: the regulator. An iconic dial of high-level chronometry, the regulator offers its own space for each of its hands: hours, minutes and seconds. Each indication thus has its own dial. The three hands follow their own rhythm to give an extremely precise time indication. The minutes hand dominates and enlivens the centre of the dial, while the hours and seconds are located at 12 and 6 o’clock respectively – or rather at 60 and 30 minutes.

Elegance, purity and the detent escapement were the three key words that came to Raúl Pagès’ mind when he created this new calibre. Technically, the detent escapement is said to be « free » because the balance is not subjected to any stress during its additional arc. The advantage of this system, compared to the traditional Swiss lever escapement, is that the escape wheel transmits its force directly to the balance wheel, giving it a much better mechanical efficiency.